Los Angeles Bingo

Hollywood Park Casino is proud to be the home of the largest Bingo hall this side of the Mississippi. Sure, some people might sniff and say, "Well, bigger isn't necessarily better." Well, here it certainly is.

This isn't the convention hall at your local Knights of Columbus. Our Bingo center features over 1,000 comfortable seats behind spacious tables. Seating is stadium-style, so every person has a clear view of the state-of-the art illuminated numbers center below.

All the seating faces the back wall--which is made from floor-to-soaring-ceiling windows. The view: a wide shot of the jaw-dropping beauty of Hollywood Park Racetrack. Even on nights where the races aren't taking place, gamers can enjoy the tranquil beauty of the lake, the geese, the swans, and even those awkwardly beautiful pink flamingos.

Packets for each night's play are available for $20. Each game--and there's usually between 10 and 12 in an evening--brings in a minimum payout of $250 dollars. The excitement and enthusiasm is high. We have plenty of new players, as well as those dedicated souls who have been coming every week since we opened over a decade ago. Friendships and a sense of happy comradeship set the standard.

Our center takes up the entire fourth floor of our enormous Hollywood Park Casino complex. Menu ordering is not available up here for obvious reasons, but gamers have no end of snack choices available to them from the plethora of concessions machines. Everything from sandwiches to ice cream cones, to daubers in all your favorite colors are available. To find out more about Los Angeles Bingo, call (310) 330-2800.

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